Receipt Builder 2.0

The easiest way to build beautiful e-mail receipts.

#5 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2015
Receiptful was already onto a good thing with their original offering, it seems like their innovation isn't slowing down at all.
Added to my Email Marketing collection:
What problem are you trying to solve on this @adii? I'm curious about your vision for this product.
@wilbertliu Thanks for asking. :) Right now Receiptful is 100% about leveraging the marketing opportunity that e-mail receipts presents. All of our data shows that a) customers are engaging with stores via their receipts; and b) that these interactions create additional revenue. Beyond that I won't share too much of what we have planned on our roadmap. We will however be looking at other interaction points and build complimentary (and paid) tools for those.
Any plans to expand the service to printed receipts?
@shauntrennery We'd like to replace them yes. :)
Hey @adii, is Receiptful only available on Shopify stores at the moment?
@rtkilian Nope, we also integrate with WooCommerce, Bigcommerce & Stripe Relay.