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Hi everyone, and thanks @_jacksmith for your commitment to Recast.AI! We’re thrilled to be back with a completely new version of Recast.AI, your collaborative end-to-end bot platform, made by developers for developers. If we started as an natural language processing (NLP) API, we quickly grew into a bot building platform, but wanted to go further. We wanted to be the collaborative bot platform where you find everything you need to build your bot: - a truly efficient AI technology developed by our R&D teams - all bot tools seamlessly integrated - a community to share and construct with - a cool and easy interface So that’s what we did! In this newest version, we’ve integrated new tools to make your experience seamless and provide you all keys to build a bot from A to Z! That includes a Bot Connector, a Bot Hosting, a Bot Analytics, a newer and stronger AI, a reworked training module and an improved user experience :) Now, by using Recast.AI, you can build, connect, host and launch bots powered by a strong language technology smoothly. Pretty cool, no? We’ll be live for the next 24 hours to answer all your questions. Happy hunting!
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Proud of the team! Amazing work! :)
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@patricksclouds 🚀🚀 Thanks!
Recast is a really nice platform and it's simple to use.
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@baptistejamin Thank you Baptiste :)
Saw you not too long ago, impressed with this second version!! keep it up
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@lpevet awesome! Let us know if you have any feature suggestions ;)
Great work guys👊 Interface is powerful, unboarding is smooth and simple. Now there is a Wordpress-like ChatBot creation platform!
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@matthieudeluze lovely to see your enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing :)
@matthieudeluze agreed on the smooth onboarding experience