Recast.AI 2.0

The ultimate end-to-end collaborative bot platform

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Jasmine Anteunis
@jasmineanteunis · Core team, Recast.AI
Hi everyone, and thanks @_jacksmith for your commitment to Recast.AI! We’re thrilled to be back with a completely new version of Recast.AI, your collaborative end-to-end bot platform, made by developers for developers. If we started as an natural language processing (NLP) API, we quickly grew into a bot building platform, but wanted to go further. We wanted… See more
Patrick Joubert
@patricksclouds · CEO, Recast.AI
Proud of the team! Amazing work! :)
Baptiste Jamin
@baptistejamin · CEO, Crisp.im
Recast is a really nice platform and it's simple to use.
Saw you not too long ago, impressed with this second version!! keep it up
Louisa Mesnard
@louisamesnard · Citron
Great interface & amazing team. Keep it up! 🍋