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Hi guys! I’m Jasmine, one of the co-founders of Recast.AI. Very excited about the submission! Thanks @valkyrie84! 😊 We believe that keyboards and apps are ideas of the past and that the digital world will evolve towards more natural ways of communicating with our environments: bots!. That’s how Recast was born in September 2015 with Julien, Patrick and Paul. Recast.AI is a platform that autonomously manages the first steps of AI integration. Today, textual and voice understanding of commands, and their transformation into usable data. Tomorrow: conversation, humor, anticipation of needs and automatic management of complex tasks. As a developer, an entrepreneur or a company using Recast.AI, you can create a bot in minutes. Instead of having to build an entire wall, you only need to put a few bricks on top of ours to create whatever you need. We take care of the difficult programming part, you focus on creating and innovating. As a collaborative platform, each and every one of you trains the platform. That’s what makes us different. Happy testing! I’m looking forward to hearing all your feedback. Cheers, Jasmine - Recast.AI
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@jasmineanteunis @valkyrie84 Just tried out the product. Great great job ! Very easy to use and get started in the bot world. Curious to see future development of your product. What's the roadmap in the coming months ?
@pavlos1944 @jasmineanteunis @valkyrie84 Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate :) We aim to handle the whole bot creation thing, by adding conversations flows, leading us to generating answers, and improved training features for you to update your bot's AI as the users interact with it. We're also really keen to implement French. :) Coming next is seamless integration with all messaging platforms (kik, slack, messenger, skype..) Do you have any preferences?
@paulrenvoise @jasmineanteunis @valkyrie84 Concerning integration : messenger ! That's where my target audience is mostly on
@pavlos1944 @jasmineanteunis Here we go, messenger just gained one place on our list! ;)
What do you think has "right" that has "wrong"? At first glance, incredibly similar... down to the UI's and flows.
@ffumarola as @paulrenvoise said, we will handle the whole bot creation process with hosting and connection to channels. We position ourselves differently than wit because we think that community is essential to provide a great artificial intelligence. We want to make it very simple to configure your bots from end to end, with as little configuration as possible. We'll release great new features in the very next weeks :)
How difficult will this be for a non-developer to use?
@stephenmarklevi for now, you need to have some basic developer skills to create a bot, but we are working on a second part of the platform where you will be able to create your bots from end to end without a line of code and connect it to many channels :)
@jasmineanteunis Great job! Recast.AI looks more easy to pick up compared to
@allenleein Thank you very much! We put the UX in the foreground of our development process :)
Very interesting! Any plan to support other languages as Italian? Thanks
@emmecilab It's in the roadmap ;) French will be the first in few weeks, and other languages like Italian will follow :)