Send targeted emails to shoppers who abandon your store

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Today in unintentionally-violent-sounding names+taglines...
Automatically send personalized, responsive emails to customers who abandon their shopping cart. Every email includes links that regenerate the customer's exact session on your store, regardless of the device they are on.
@erictwillis Good to mention is that the app is"...for Magento". Is it available for other platforms? Couldn't find it on the landing page.
Beautiful app with some solid features, but why Magento? All of my stores including, client stores and pretty much every ecommerce entrepreneur I know are on Shopify or WooComerce. You would definitely crush it if you were in these app stores. Good luck though you have a great app πŸ‘πŸ»
Being in retail my whole life I'd love to see what something like this could do for the holiday season coming up especially for the smaller retailers---it could really make a difference with a personal touch to it