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reCAPTCHA v3 is an API that helps you detect abusive traffic on your website without user interaction.

Instead of showing a CAPTCHA challenge, reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score so you can choose the most appropriate action for your website.

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  • Pros: 

    Appears easier than v2



    Appears like another sneaky way for google to capture all your users purchases and interactions.

    Cary Dunn has never used this product.
  • Jerry Becker
    Jerry BeckerAll Around Good Guy

    ID robots


    Potential for more false identifications of users vs robots?

    Interested to see how well this plays out and is adopted!

    Jerry Becker has used this product for one day.
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Jerry Becker
Jerry Becker@beckerjs · All Around Good Guy
The reCAPTCHA tool has really is a pain point for users. I understand the problem it's trying to solve, but it's traditionally been an awful way to solve it. We've all struggled trying to find all the right squares in a picture that contained traffic lights, and it seems like some kind of spiritual test by the end of the 8 minute inquisition it inevitably entails. reCAPTCHA v3 finally eliminates this friction for your users and identifies bots in a much smarter way. Hats off to Google for solving a legit pain point for so many users
Alex Panagis
Alex Panagis@alexjpanagis · 17-year-old Entrepreneur & Student
@beckerjs I hated the old reCAPTCHA - and I think it hated me too. It asked to choose those silly images all the time, not just once but like 10 sets of different images. It was really a colossal waste of time.
Alex Panagis
Alex Panagis@alexjpanagis · 17-year-old Entrepreneur & Student
Someone make a WordPress plugin! 😉
Andrew J. Chapin
Andrew J. Chapin@andrewjchapin · Founder, benjamin
Worth noting there are many viable alternatives that will allow you to exist outside of the Google ecosystem, including hCaptcha, Sweet Captcha, and nuCaptcha.