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Hey PH (I've been wanting to say that as a maker for a while 😀) Recall is an Android app I built to quickly offload things I'd otherwise have to keep in my head – say a movie that a friend recommended or simply a reminder to call someone back. I've tried several todo list apps for this but they're more focused on managing your tasks, and not so much on simply getting stuff out of your head. With Recall, you simply type what you want to remember, select a reminder time and you're done. Super-quick about me: I'm a product manager who wanted to scratch a personal itch and also get back into being able to personally build things. Designing, coding (relearning to code first!) and now marketing Recall has been quite a handful but an amazing learning experience as well. I'm looking forward to having you guys try the app out!
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Do you plan to release a version for iOS?
@itsmidnightyo Yes I do and soon – stay tuned :) (Technically – the app is built using React Native which lets me ship on both platforms with a shared codebase)
@felixjamestin that seems very useful. hope to see it very soon! i could use this app every day! 😊
@itsmidnightyo @felixjamestin how long do we have to stay tuned for? :)
@itsmidnightyo @joelrunyon I basically need to get the app running on a iPhone and check if theres any layout issues etc. I expect it to be out in about 3 weeks or so.
I really like the design ! What can you say to make me change my habits by choosing your app instead of the Google reminder feature (that is available through Now, Agenda, Inbox, by saying 'OK Google'...) ?
@valdecarpentrie Thanks! I'd tried Google Reminder (and it's great), but it was hard to get a sense of which tasks were added to it – they're fairly hidden.
This is very cool! I look forward to using it more often. Do you have any plans of allowing sign-ins and saving data on the cloud for multiple device support?
@nikhiljoisr Thanks Nikhil. Next up is support for iPhones. I don't have any plans for multi-device support but could consider that if a lot of folks need it.
Great idea, Felix! What font did you use in the app? 👀🔮
@kasperdolk Thanks! :) I used a free typeface called Overpass. (I wanted something like Interstate but free.)