Rebump 2.0

Send customized follow-up messages to your email recipients

#2 Product of the DayApril 22, 2016
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Loving these tools! Definitely becoming a competitive space: Reply - | PersistIQ - - @oarevalo + @ryanjeffords - I'd love to know how you guys plan to break out from the crowd! One feature I've been dying for is SMS integration into a workflow -- so, send an email, then send another 2 days later, than an SMS a day after that (if no response), ideally then it could send me a notification to call the person (or add a todo to my todo list). Multi-channel automated follow-ups seem like a natural extension, especially if you're gearing this as a sales tool!
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@trever @oarevalo @ryanjeffords seconded. I would have loved this as an account/project manager. are you guys planning to target specific users/types?
@tyler_carlson I'm using reply app right now, but there's no SMS support, so it's good, not great. Still searching for the best solution to the workflow I described in my comment!
@trever @oarevalo @ryanjeffords I definitely love Rebump the dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use! But some friends recommended me Have you ever tested?
So genius in so many ways. Only gripe is the intro video said "Best of all, it's free!" but it's just the 30-day trial that's free. Just saying.
@joshuapinter yeah I also found that rather deceptive
Felt the same way.
This is really cool guys - great job. One thing - it took a few fair amount of clicks to get setup; I think I had to authorize twice and then refresh the page, which then asked me to re-sign in to Rebump. Not sure if it was my supremely wack Internet connection tonight but just thought I'd point it out so you can monitor it further. Maybe keep an eye out for a double re-sign-in-thing happening. Testing this out over the weekend!
Interesting...but has a similar server side feature that doesn't force me to use Gmail. I could never go back to using email without SaneBox.
@theleovogel This looks cool but like you, SaneBox saved me. So, I'm loyal to that.
Loved rebump 😍 It follows up with people so you don't have to.