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Vincent Magaline
@vincemagaline · Growth Marketer, Startup Founder
Really enjoying our second time on @ProductHunt. If you want to check out our first go around, see it here ;) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
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Davide De Guz
@davidedeguzlink · CEO @Rebrandly
Thanks @adithya for hunting us! https://www.dropbox.com/s/fk3hlf... I hope Rebrandly API will help Engineers and Founders to optimize the way they share links trough their APPs. A branded link is a more advanced way to share your content. Unlike generic short links branded links, as the name suggests they also incorporate the brand name. This allows a c… See more
Raffaele Gaito
@duplikey · Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger
Wow, that's huge, congrats guys! You say on your home page that a branded link can reach a CTR up to 30%. How is that possible? Is it a matter of trust or what? Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work.
Davide De Guz
@davidedeguzlink · CEO @Rebrandly
https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqp1it... Some of the APP already integrated with our API
Derric Haynie
@sixpeppers · Head of Growth, Rebrandly
I think the coolest reason to use this API would be to provide simple and easy branded link shares to all of your users. Basically right now, sites like Buffer, SumoMe, and Quuu are sharing links on behalf of their users, but use their own name inside the message. Buff.ly, sumo.ly, and app.quuu... This is a great growth hack for those companies to get addi… See more
Daniele Patrioli
Finally! I had clients willing to integrate 'branded links' into their tools, it's definitely done today with Rebrandly Api's