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#5 Product of the DayAugust 12, 2016
Thanks @adithya for hunting us! I hope Rebrandly API will help Engineers and Founders to optimize the way they share links trough their APPs. A branded link is a more advanced way to share your content. Unlike generic short links branded links, as the name suggests they also incorporate the brand name. This allows a company to associate itself with content it shares, build brand awareness and increase the brand recognition. Many brands today already use branded links to share and distribute their content. Pepsi – NYTimes – Starbucks – Virgin - Rebrandly - rebrandly.Buzz Found more on our blog: Today Gianni, Francesco, Max, Vlad, Federico and Andrea, our engineers. Went live with public API. This will allow every developer to create branded links directly in their app using their custom domains (or the custom domains of the app users) We build a complete Developers Hub here: And we hope this will help to access our free API. Please do not hesitate to comment our initiative, me and all the Engineers will answer all your questions. Keep Sharing! Ciao Davide De Guz Founder and CEO at Rebrandly
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@davidedeguzlink @adithya Thank you Adithya for hunting us! I'll be here to along with other team members to answer any questions.
@davidedeguzlink @adithya Interested in working with our API to prevent people from shortening malicious links? You could have a "trust" element to the offering. paul at if you're interested.
@paul__walsh @davidedeguzlink @adithya Hi Paul! Thank you for the inquiry and apologies for the delayed response. So we actually built Rebrandly off the back of our existing technology called ClickMeter. With ClickMeter, we have the ability to assure the best quality in all of our tracking links, as ClickMeter constantly checks the URLs against the most popular blacklist and validator online services. The system checks the main domain of the links our users insert into their destination URL field the moment they try to create a short link. So...not being a developer myself, I for sure will forward this question and a link to Metacert to our team to see if there's a way for us to "combine forces" ;) Thanks again!
@vincemagaline @davidedeguzlink @adithya Awesome stuff. Just so you know, I hold a full, issued patent for checking the security of a URI inside an app - issued in May 2016. But that's not why you should work with us :)) I'm one of the two people who co-instigated the creation of the W3C Standard for content labeling and URL classification and we have the world's biggest database of classified URLs. Gimme a shout if you'd like to work with us :) We license to other security firms too btw.
Wow, that's huge, congrats guys! You say on your home page that a branded link can reach a CTR up to 30%. How is that possible? Is it a matter of trust or what? Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work.
@duplikey Yes, it's called link trust. It has a few components to it: 1. People recognize the domain you are sharing as being related to your brand and therefore believe they are going to the destination location that you are providing. 2. You are giving them a descriptive url slug, such as or, and this reenforces that they will be going to the destination URL they want to be going to. 3. You are able to use the link to convey it's own message, such as (which takes you to this page). That link pretty much explains everything about the destination right from within the link. Think about how people are deciding whether or not to go to a destination. A lot comes from the name, the title, and the image of the social post, but some of it also comes from the link. A more trustworthy link gets you more clicks (and less hesitation). Thanks for asking.
@duplikey Thank you for including us in your @ProductHunt list of Italian Products! Really appreciate the support Raffaele!
Some of the APP already integrated with our API
I think the coolest reason to use this API would be to provide simple and easy branded link shares to all of your users. Basically right now, sites like Buffer, SumoMe, and Quuu are sharing links on behalf of their users, but use their own name inside the message.,, and app.quuu... This is a great growth hack for those companies to get additional exposure (and why they do it), unfortunately it is stripping the end user of the right to their own brand on the links and costing the shared source traffic (we know that by using a branded domain and a relatable URL slug, we get more clicks). We're looking for one of these major players to stand up and say, "I want to provide more value to my end users by letting them brand their links with their name instead of ours." The first one to do it will likely have a nice first mover advantage over the rest. Who's up for the challenge?
@sixpeppers Buffer already supports custom domains via (Pro)
@emilstahl At $500/month minimum, and only under one branded domain. Rebrandly is 3rd on the integration list with Buffer, if we were to be added, anyone could use a branded domain for free, and quite easily switch between branded domains if needed (or assign one domain to each channel or account within buffer, etc). Quite a big difference.
Finally! I had clients willing to integrate 'branded links' into their tools, it's definitely done today with Rebrandly Api's
@daniele_patrioli Awesome! I'd be interested to know which clients ;) Thanks Daniele!