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Raffaele Gaito
@duplikey · Digital Entrepreneur & Blogger
Another great Italian product 😍 Just added to https://www.producthunt.com/@dup...
Davide De Guz
@davidedeguzlink · CEO @Rebrandly
Howdy Folks! Davide from Rebrandly here. Pumped to be on PH today. We built Rebrandly because we were tired of seeing links like these “bit.ly/1hjklih?=zrboom&look=fb” all over the web. Rebrandly is fresh approach to short links that allows you to create descriptive links using your brand domain name, that, unlike tinyurl, bit.ly and most common link… See more
Stefano Di Luca
@pennadl · unixstickers.com
Great service, just purchased a domain and connected with bitly, everything seems to work like a charm
Piero Borgo
@pieroborgo · CCO & Co-Founder, Leevia
Love it! Just bought our domain here at Leevia, can't wait to start using it (damn DNS propagation). P.S. go Italy go 🇮🇹
Dmitry Dragilev
@dragilev · Founder @ JustReachOut.io
This looks pretty dope! Question - how does this compare to bit.ly or goo.gl shorteners when it comes to getting stuff marked as spam?