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Another great Italian product 😍 Just added to
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@duplikey Many thanks Raffaele
Howdy Folks! Davide from Rebrandly here. Pumped to be on PH today. We built Rebrandly because we were tired of seeing links like these “” all over the web. Rebrandly is fresh approach to short links that allows you to create descriptive links using your brand domain name, that, unlike tinyurl, and most common link shorteners are simple to pronounce, easy to remember, and promote your brand. With branded link you enhance brand visibility, increase link trust and optimize SEO. Rebrandly turns any link into a promotion for your brand. For example I use : - Davide.Link/CV to share my LinkedIn Profile - Davide.Link/10Books to share the list of my favourite books - to share the company video …. and 345 more There are more that 1,000 domain extension you can use to create your fresh and communicative branded links: .LINK, .CLICK, .BUZZ, .PRESS, .ONLINE, and many many more, even .PIZZA :-) Rebrandly is FREE to use, all you need is to register a custom URL which you can do through us as well. Here’s the entire process: 1) Signup for Free with Rebrandly ( 2) Register a new Domain Name (.LINK domains for only $1 for ProductHunters) 3) Download the browser extension 4) Start creating your branded links Debating about the right name for a domain? Comment below and we can suggest some which might work best for you!
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@rebrandlybuzz Trying to purchase...stuck on "Checking Data" Nothing happens, just the little icon of ongoing data checking.
@daniel_gardner it may happen when many people are searching in the same time (every search we do about 500 api requests), please just refresh the search and try again. We are working on a super-fast search that will be live in about 15 days. Thanks for your patience.
@rebrandlybuzz Search went super fast. It's the check out that snags.
@daniel_gardner people purchased 72 .LINK domains in the last hour. Its seems to be some specific problem with your session :-( Could you communicate directly from your dashboard? One of our engineers will take the ticket. Thanks
@rebrandlybuzz Support helped me out in a matter of minutes. 2 domains up and running smoothly. Top-notch work, very impressive. Thanks!
Great service, just purchased a domain and connected with bitly, everything seems to work like a charm
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Love it! Just bought our domain here at Leevia, can't wait to start using it (damn DNS propagation). P.S. go Italy go 🇮🇹
@pieroborgo if you setup DNS it could take up to 24h. It's a technical limit in Internet that cannot be optimized. But when you register a new domain name directly in Rebrandly DNS updates in about 20mins
@rebrandlybuzz it's working! Rebranding links right now 🙌
This looks pretty dope! Question - how does this compare to or shorteners when it comes to getting stuff marked as spam?
ps taking a look now, looks like a bunch of donaldtrump domains are available for nothing, such as haha, might need to grab these real quick, put up something funny or use a shortener:
@dragilev Thanks for asking. Common shorteners are usually blacklisted time to time because the same domain (eg or is in the short link and is used by million of people and some of them are spammers. With Rebrandly you use your own domain name so, unless you are a spammer, it will not be blacklisted.
@dragilev that will be fun :-)