A landing page for your digital identity

Crafting a powerful personal brand. lets you build a minimalist personal landing page for your digital identity to pitch yourself and standout from the cv crowd. Build a landing page in no time via the deadly simple web editor or try the friendly chatbot for Telegram and WhatsApp.

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Hi Product Hunters 👋, I’m super excited to launch my new product here after a while and I really hope you like it. ‼️ One of the most important brands you can focus on to support your product or your career is yourself and a landing page helps you to achieve that goal. It empowers you to direct people in the right direction and tell them your story, who you are, what you stand for and how you help people. 🐣 It started out as a personal page ( After the positive feedback from some friends I decided to make a product called Now I know there are many players in this market and a lot of them do a great job, but I think it's a diversified area and everyone’s needs are a little different. Well, most website builders have tons of different options that cause you headaches and others are quick and simple to set up but more restrictive in a way to create and visualize content. So, what I want to achieve with is to offer a deadly simple way to build a personal landing page and not to set too many restrictions at the same time. I guess I'm close to that goal, but there's always space for improvement - I’ll get into that later. 🚀 The concept behind is quite simple: build a minimalist landing page for your digital identity. Basically, a page at consists of two components - a simple nameplate site to pitch yourself and optional subpages all put together as a SPA. focus on one thing: „building personal landing pages“. It’s NOT a social network nor a website builder in the conventional sense. The Landing Page contains - A picture of you - Your name - Short description to pitch yourself in one or two sentences - Call-to-Action Button - Links to all your social profiles, your blog, ..etc - Custom background (Picture, random Unsplash, Video, Color or Nomad map) Subpages allow you to go deeper into detail. Add some content, contact forms, videos, photos or third party applications using a simple medium like rich text editor 🎁 Some more features ✓ Add your custom domains with SSL encryption ✓ Use hashtags for your landing page to be found more easily via the internal search ✓ The integrated bookmark function allows you to save interesting pages ✓ Simple medium like rich text editor ✓ Export feature ✓ Maker widget 🤖 Chatbot: No app - just a chat! Since I am not a fan of building an app for each use case, I have made a simple and friendly chatbot which allows you to build and manage your whole landing page on the go via Telegram or (WhatsApp - currently in sandbox mode not quite perfect 🚧). I quickly made a few examples 🖼 Example page: 🗺 Background map: 📹 Background video: 🙌 Try it yourself: 🛣 What is on the short term roadmap? - PDF export feature - Add hashtags for bookmarked pages - Integration of third-party services like Timekit, Typeform and Simple Analytics. Any other suggestions? You can follow the progress on this project at Please let me know what do you think? 🙏 PS: If you enjoy the ProductHunt launch widget, you can simply embed it into your page. All you have to do is include the following file and call the class ph_widget()
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Nice little landing page builder. I'm in the middle of a website rewrite and this is a life savior to have something in between changes. Who knows... if they keep adding features I might turn it into my own site for good!
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@federicojorge Thank you especially for the detailed feedback and great suggestion in the chat recently!
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I saw this and immediately wanted to test it out. It's such a beautiful landing page building solution that is hard not to fall in love with it. If you are looking for a simple splash page instead of spending hours tweaking stuff on a bloated builder, then Rebout is great for you.


Super easy to build, customize and launch. Not bloated with thousand of features you don't need.


When sharing your links meta tags are populated from the homepage. They are fixing it, though.

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One of my concerns about free services are their ability to stick around. Any thoughts about how sustainable you think it'll be to continue offering it for free?
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@twalling That’s a good point, and i’m totally with you. If you offer something for free in the long run, you have to make the user the product. Since I don't want to do that, the idea is to offer an upgrade/subscription later. There are many features in the pipeline, while some of them come with a payed subscription.
@twalling @marcograf I believe the plans for pricing should be more clear as the line, "For now, I won't charge you anything. No hidden costs no locked features." is concerning. I wouldn't consider using until I know what lies ahead. Will the current features always be free?
@twalling @marcograf It wasn't clear to me that there is no hosting involved. Considering the likeness to, this should also be made obvious. I'm far less hesitant to use a template generator than a new web host.
@twalling @marcograf So apparently there is hosting. This project needs some work in the UX department. When you create a page and press save it should save the work you've done, rather than start from blank again. If you haven't yet created an account you start from scratch, and there is no way to pick up from where you left off. This is the user flow you encourage with the "Start building online" call to action and it's broken. The HTML page created from the "export" option fails to load all assets due to cross origin resources. The avatar blob and template fail to load even with CORS protection disabled. It's not currently possible to preview the exported website locally. The pages use javascript for links, which breaks the ability to open them in a new tab, and prevents the display of the URL in the status bar. At the very least, all links should open a new window/tab, or have an option to. Better yet, use actual anchors. Will these js links be recognized by search engines?
@twalling @ipaulpro Good point! I have modified the headline. Current features will always be free of course.
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I like the chatbot idea. Very low barrier to entry. Have had an idea brewing for something like this for a while, glad it was executed upon. Nice!
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@markmiscavage Thanks, glad you like the idea. That's exactly my intention - a chatbot simply guides you through the setup. It's easy, and you really don't need an extra app.
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