Reboot Your 2016

5-day email course to build resiliency + align with purpose

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@nbashaw - Thank you! Hi! We (the team at Reboot) put together this free five-day course for entrepreneurs and startup folks (and well, just about anyone!) to reflect on 2015, refresh (or reboot?), and build resiliency as well as align with purpose as they transition to 2016. The course unfolds through daily emails, each with a koan to consider and an audio track guided journaling exercise, led by one of our amazing coaches (Ali or Jim!). Each day’s practice takes less than 20 minutes to complete. It's our little gift and thank you for all the amazing support we've had in 2015.
I can personally vouch for how transformational this stuff can be. Reboot is an amazing, thoughtful community.
This team has coached 100's of startup execs to be successful while staying authentic and true to themselves. Excited to see this offering go live and help even more people.
An excellent team with a wealth of information to share! A MUST SEE for Founders / Startup'ers