Reboot Podcast: #46 - Semil Shah and Jerry Colonna

Jerry and investor Semil Shah discuss impostor syndrome.

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Alexander Khanukov
Alexander Khanukov@akhanukov · CX/UX strategist, nascent entrepreneur
So glad I learned about this podcast. Hearing it was so necessary at this time, as this theme has been following me along as I work on a new project, slogging my way through a learning curve, and seeing or imagining the relative ease it is for others in the same space to get stuff done. I also recently had twins and have had my free time cut so much that I've never slept less in my life. Hearing that other people I once considered "above me" :) are also dealing with Imposter Syndrome in one way or another, and more importantly, the advice on how to deal with these feelings, was very helpful and timely. Now I have to go back through all the other episodes. Thanks!