It's okay to take a break

#4 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2018

Take small breaks from your work and re-energize yourself by doing nothing for some time.

Stuck on a bug since morning? Creative block? Relax. Take a break.

Dinuka Jayasuriya
Mubaris NK
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  • Chris | Vrixe
    Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

    Simple and direct to the purpose.

    No spams.



    Potential of the app not yet fully explored.

    As an app based on personal loyalty, less is done to help that

    It would feel like a timer, if I did not know what it is meant for. This could be really useful if a lot more is done to really understand and further the psychology behind taking a break, I hope to see more in future updates. Its a neat one

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Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek SharmaMaker@thelittlewonder · Product Designer
I am fascinated by the idea of minimalism and meditation, So I created this small app that helps you to take a break from whatever you are doing and do nothing. Inspired from
Abiodun Adetona
Abiodun Adetona@adetona77
@thelittlewonder Can you bundle this into a chrome extension to make it easier to access?
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek SharmaMaker@thelittlewonder · Product Designer
@adetona77 Yeah! Brilliant Idea. Will definitely work on this. For now, you can add it to the home screen of your mobile. It works offline :)
@thelittlewonder @adetona77 Would definitely use as an extension. When you consider making it as extension, make it cross-browser too. Some people use Firefox. 😂
Tiffany Burnett
Tiffany Burnett@timber_sparrow · Jack of all Trades
@thelittlewonder this looks fun
Dan Magidenko
Dan Magidenko@dan_magidenko · Pretty good at marketing
Can't wait for its release
midnight@itsmidnightyo · Producer
Honestly, this is the cutest thing in the entire world, aghh! I am so intrigued by the minimalistic design and concept, it's so amazing! Hopefully, many people can put this to a good use. It is always okay to take a break! 😊
Carsten@crstnio · Full Stack Developer, art2media
Lovely minimal. Like it! Mobile app and browser extension would be great.