ReBoard 2.0

Multitasking keyboard with GIFs, Stickers & 24 mini-apps

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Jeet SinghHunter@jeet232 · Engineer, Matcoms
Hi Everyone! It's great to be here. WHAT IS REBOARD: If you are in WhatsApp on iPhone, how do you schedule a calendar appointment? By switching to Calendar app. Right? What if you could schedule an appointment from within WhatsApp itself? Wouldn't it save you lots of time? Meet ReBoard - The Revolutionary Keyboard. Its a system wide keyboard for iOS which lets you do lots of such tasks from within the keyboard window. You can schedule a calendar appointment using natural language input without leaving WhatsApp or any other app you are using. It will be saved in iOS Calendar app automatically. "project meeting friday 11.30am" "call steve in 2hrs" You can do these without leaving an app: 1. Share Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive files 2. Search & download images, search GIFs, stickers 3. Search web 4. Create iOS Reminders 5. Lookup Wikipedia 6. Add tasks to Wunderlist, Todoist 7. Chat in Slack 8. Do calculations 9. Search local addresses & view maps 10.Search and play music 11. Many more... ReBoard provides 24 mini-apps (Actions) right within the keyboard window so that you save lots of time by avoiding switching between multiple apps. ReBoard goes beyond typing, enabling the user to stay in the context and still perform other tasks. WHATS NEW: This is a huge update. 1. Added 5 new actions: ~ GIF search: Search & share millions of GIFs within the keyboard ~ Stickers search: Search & share millions of Stickers ~ Todoist: Add new tasks to your Todoist projects ~ OneDrive: Search & share files from your OneDrive account ~ Text Phrases: Create your own text templates (like Thank you email etc.) and insert them from within the keyboard. Use ! after command key to view recently used phrases. 2. Brand new look & feel: Keyboard is now exactly similar to default keyboard. More spacious, more comfortable to type on. 3. Added 5 new languages: Russian, Danish, Dutch, Arabic & Turkish. 4. Added 2 new awesome themes: Wooden & Space. 5. Much improved auto-correct with next word prediction. 6. Added ability to change languages directly from keyboard. Long press space key to switch between 3 languages. 7. New San Francisco font on iOS 9 8. Uppercase & lowecase letters just like iOS 9 keyboard 9. Much better, faster typing experience 10. Now you can set your own language in Translate action I would love to know what you think about it? Thanks,