RebelMouse 2.0

The publishing platform for distributed properties

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We created RebelMouse to level the playing field in publishing. It's exciting to now be at scale with the product growing so many properties and giving a truly dynamic, data driven publishing solution that helps creators understand distribution. Looking forward to working with you all as we scale it further! Please always feel free to reach out to me with suggestions, ideas, comments and to explore how to work together. Paul and the RebelMouse team @teamreboot
@teamreboot, Can you explain a bit more about your value prop, especially re: 'distributed properties'? It's not clear to me from your landing page what the solution you're offering is, but you're definitely invoking something that tugs at a problem I recognize.
And what is the present price? You used to be 10 dollars a month (and still are fore old customers i think ) but i have a mail for 100.000 for the bigger platform as well ;-)