Rebel Shop

True one-click checkout in-email

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Joe Teplow
@joeteplow · Founder, Good St. + RebelMail
Thanks Alex! We just launched RebelShop, secure one click checkout in emails to make email truly shoppable. Our first product powers abandoned cart emails for brands using Shopify. Have a Shopify store? Join the list and well get you online soon! More commerce platform support like Magento, Demandware on the way.
@zolihonig · CoFounder @waivecar
This looks super cool. Your whole shopify store inside of an email. Great job guys!
Barak Kaufman
@barak_kaufman · CEO/Co-founder PlatformWatch
This is amazing! I'm sure it leads to a major conversion boost for retailers. Congrats on the launch!!
Taylor Wakefield
@ktwakefield · Co-Founder, Gravitational
Wow, this is must for any shopify store. Great for capturing abandoned carts.
Kareem Amin
@kareemamin · Founder, Clay
This is very clever. I know a couple of stores that can use this!