Rebel Calling

Internet-free international calling for $1 a month

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This is awesome! I often drop internet connection (currently commenting from an unstable one) and every time I open Skype or Google Hangouts, my Macbook crashes. £1/month is un-noticeable and I'd happily pay that to be able to call internationally without relying on dodgy WiFi! Awesome work from the Rebtel team :) @andy_bennett tell us about how this works! EDIT: @corleyh and I did a test-run just now and worked perfectly. Made it seem so seamless and no lag like there usually is on International Calls.
@bentossell @andy_bennett wow yes! Totally agree. I'm always making international calls and trying to find a cost effective and Internet-less way to do it has proved tricky if not impossible. This is brilliant!
@ems_hodge @andy_bennett btw love the onboarding :)
@andy_bennett Yes how does this work
@bentossell Hey Ben, I’m product manager for the Rebtel app! @andy_bennett has done a great job as senior product designer The core feature of the Rebtel app is 'Rebel Calling' this enables people to make international calls for free for the whole of 2016. Thereafter its a mere $1 a month. The problem were responding to here is twofold 1. Voip calls are notoriously shaky and 2. Making an international call with your telcom provider is quite simply a rip off! We use stable phone lines to convert international calls into local ones which makes it a lot cheaper. The app has a strong yet minimal UI and we're looking forward to iterating upon it this year.
@tensiltonnis @andy_bennett just edited my first comment to say that the process felt so seamless! Awesome job on this. What are you looking to do extra with Rebtel as it progresses?
Woah! This is a killer deal.... I've been a Rebtel customer for awhile and have NEVER had a single issue compared to Skype / Hangouts.
Sorry, but some lies here! I always liked the originality of rebtel service. I am in telecom business for more than 18 years, so let me explain. First, when a connection is shaky, it's mostly never come from the provider, but from the bandwidth/codecs/peering problem/no MPLS/VoIP restrictions on the user side.. Second, converting international calls to local calls to be cheaper it's 99% BS! When we, providers buy a "minute" (A-Z termination), we pay for it regardless the origination. It's now a little changing in some countries, but not making a real difference in the cost. All servers are connected through IP address, and everything goes through Internet between the 2 local calls. So it is a nice marketing strategy to explain why it's cheaper, but the cost is the same. They just makes more money when you call the local number. The provider who owns the number receive the call/SMS, charge the caller, and give a retribution to rebtel. They may even makes more money on that, than on the international minute. I am sure they should be able to offer the international minute (most countries cost around 0.5 cent in wholesale, so 1 hour is only 30 cents!), because the retribution/commission they get from their provider of the local numbers may be more important than the cost of the minute itself (ex: 0,3 cents/minute commission on each call = 0.6 cents. Cost of the minute 0.5 cents. If call give for free, profit of 0.1 cent/minute). So $1 is for the fun. Nice job rebtel!
awesome. was recently running a comparison with all voip services and pricing is a mess. now this is clear. let s hope quality is there
@ourielohayon So @corleyh and I just did a test call. Was really simple and good quality! Normal international calling has a lot of lag but didn't have that issue here. Recommend testing it out!
I could not find any information on how this actually works. How is this any different from Viber / Skype and what does "internet-free" really mean?
@anthonymonori Hey! - there's two video links on this page talking through the app generally and Rebel Calling...
@andy_bennett @anthonymonori added the video to this page :)