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Whiteboard. Finally in your browser.

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Recommended by the guys making the App documentary: "It’s a web app that allows us to visually arrange the varying story elements on an infinitely scalable space. It’s minimal, highly functional, flexible and so far—while we have been putting it through its paces—has remained rock solid. The design of the post-it notes is the one thing that feels out of place; we just use the text boxes instead so we can keep things looking clean. Something else to look forward to: they’re nearing the release of an HTML5 version to allow for use on mobile devices."
no offence, but the ux looks like a complete clusterfuck - doesn't look very 'minimal'
@_jacksmith have you tried using it? the actual whiteboard piece is awesome. it's definitely in the category of "it just works" and is flawless with a digital stylus I think it's "minimal" from the perspective that it is just a blank page that goes on and on without trying to shove a bunch of templates or examples in your way.
@taylorhou @_jacksmith nope, just looking from the tour bit of their homepage, click to zoom etc which looks insane
@taylorhou @_jacksmith ok, I just tested it. I definitely have a different perspective to you as this was even more crazy and a mess ux wise than I was expecting. Also is in flash and takes a long time to load...
@_jacksmith I agree with the flash statement but most of the capabilities it provides, I wouldnt use on a phone/mobile experience due to screen size. Granted a tablet realtimeboard could be interesting. Definitely think from what perspective really matters for this product. For myself and my distributed product team, it really provides the ability for us to brainstorm with mockups and accompanied designs and connect flows that can go in any direction in early creative stages. (Like what many teams do on a massive wall or what Pixar does with their expansis storyboards) Even with redoing pricing tables (which we recently did in RTB, it almost feels like we have room to be creative versus a standard document or spreadsheet or discussion thread that is always top to bottom and linear. It's weird. Don't know how to better explain it besides it feels like I have room or space to brainstorm in any direction. UX could be more seamless but if you learn the 1, 2, 3, 4, etc... hotkeys, you can switch options super fast. At the eotd, to each his own. I love the product and can't believe I didn't post it first. =/
My first thought upon clicking the link and waiting for it to load was that if the first thing I saw wasn't an interactive demo, they blew it. And they blew it. Still can't figure out how to access a quick demo without going through registration.
I've been using it for a while, it's great for distributed teams once everyone learns the keyboard shortcuts. It's pretty robust for mocking up apps and websites as well as doing brain dumps and mind maps. I prefer it over gomockingbird and balsamiq
I wonder if they plan on making it so you can embed it on a website?