RealSmile Chat

Create stickers and emojis based on your own photos.

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RealSmile is more than just a messenger app. It offers amazing options for creating custom notes, stickers, emoji based on your own selfies to use them in conversations with your friends. Express your emotions and mood when texting and make it a fascinating experience.
Downloaded. Very fun!
@mingliangma Thank you! I'm glad you've liked the app. We did our best to make RealSmile chat so positive and funny.
Putting human face to emojis is a great idea. This idea is as powerful as giphy service, if executed well.
@sridhar_kondoji Thank you for your feedback :)
Just downloaded and tried it, chat option looks awesome. But while making emoticons the canvas will be full of editing options which doesn't allow us to see how its coming out. The resizing of the emoticon add-ons like birds on head and wounds etc seemed difficult specially the size reduction. Other than two, veggie and fruit stickers all other are priced for Rs 55 in Indian version. I don't think people will buy and use. Need to change it! But concept is awesome need to have those changes done.
@sagar868 Sagar, thank you for such valuable feedback.

The market of such apps is very competitive, I think that this one has potential


The app offers interesting features and funny pictures to make nice photos. I like this product and believe that kids will love it the most.


I would provide more pack for free