Convert any emoji into an image.

#3 Product of the DayAugust 09, 2015
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Jordan Singer
Jordan SingerMaker@jsngr · I build my ideas.
Since interning at imoji this summer, we've released a brand new website and an amazing SDK empowering developers to include millions of imoji stickers in their products. I came up with the idea to convert emojis into images after the release of our REST API. Using Twilio and some magic to convert emoji's into keywords, just send an emoji to +1 (424) 375-6654 and Realmoji fetches a related imoji and sends it back to you! Have fun and express yourself in new ways while using fewer words.
Harsha Halvi
Harsha Halvi@halvi · Overlord @TBGlabs
Damn , this is awesome.! :)
Franky Aguilar
Franky Aguilar@deleted-41279 · We out here 👽 Los Angeles
This is cool, I was looking at the SDK. Would love to chizzzzat.