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We're obsessed with chatbots.

That’s why we built We want to help others building chatbots find inspiration.

We welcome submissions of any chatbot. Our only criteria is that it has to be a really good chatbot.

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Okay, we're really excited about this. When we talk to customers about best practices for chatbots, one of the things we've heard over and over again is ... "do you have a good example of that?" Well now we have the hub – a one-stop location of the best chatbot examples crowdsourced from across the internet. Got an example? Submit your bot on
As builders we’ve looked for inspiration in many places. Like Slack. We love Slack. And that’s because it helps us do our job. We use Slack bots to share revenue milestones, alert our team when deals close, to schedule meetings, and sometimes to share funny GIFs. Each new bot we build was inspired by another. And that’s really why we built We wanted to help others building chatbots find inspiration.
@dcancel Its funny that right now its almost all Drift. You guys crush it. Nice work and way to share your case studies.
@dcancel @corbanb we got the ball rolling with a bunch of our customers that were gracious enough to share their work but this page is open to all really good chatbot examples (Any product). If you have one, please submit it!
@d_j_murphy Hey! Please check this out Thanks for this awesome platform 👍🏼
@dcancel @corbanb @d_j_murphy that's awesome! We have a number of "really good bots" built on our platform, showcased here - Will try to share a few of them here.
Thanks guys! Always looking for inspiration!