Turn your photos into coloring pages

ReallyColor Turns your photos into Coloring Books . You can upload your photos and/or ReallyColor coloring pages to build your coloring books. I have worked with the makers and they are a great team with right vision.

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This is a nice little app where you can upload any picture and convert it to a sketch (in variable density) for coloring. I worked with Dieter Marlovics and Matthew Klein on its earlier version and the team has a great vision for the app.
@vingar I love this idea. Now I know what to get some people for Xmas...will be a fun gift.
@amritachandra I have seen people creating libraries and then print PDFs to gift it to kids. Absolute delight for kids.
Super fun for the little ones. My nieces will be coloring pics of our kitties after their naps today. Boom!
Great idea.
This is a really neat idea! I know many neices and nephews who will love this.
@fbara I have also used in for personal use. Kids simply love it. :)
I like it. I wonder if its going to generate revenue off a point system vs some other format.
@lynnfredricks Not sure of revenue model. I think they may plan a SaaS model for caps on number of books you can create, publish and distribute.