Really Simple Store

A super minimal, easy to set up store

List products and accept payment for $5/month.
It takes 10 minutes from sign up to live store, and I'm focused on making it even faster.
- A straightforward, single-page online store
- A dashboard to manage products
- A dashboard to manage orders
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I've been running a version of Really Simple Store as a side project for 4 or 5 years now. I recently did a ground-up rebuild in order to integrate a token economy as part of an alpha testing program for That was for fun, but in the future, I'd like to introduce the token economy to live stores (it's an economy between the sellers to incentivize collaborative selling). In the meantime, the original intent of the project- to make selling something online as simple as signing up for an account- is as important and exciting to me as ever, and I'm opening the platform to the public. So far, I've had positive feedback, but there's a long road ahead and lots of features to build. Thanks for looking!
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@__ricki Uh oh... that's a very confusing error actually! No worries if you're busy, but I'd love to find out a little more detail about what happened so I can fix it. Thanks for checking it out! Sorry about the error!
@__ricki I found and fixed this issue, so feel free to try again. Sorry about that!!
Absolutely love this! Even more streamlined than developing a Shopify store πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Exactly what I'm going for.
This is an exciting (if busy) space. Good luck with the product!
@ajmcgr Thank you! And yes, it's really busy. I want to stand out by minimizing choices and decisions, because that's the biggest hurdle for a lot people... lots of moving parts in ecommerce.
I hope PayPal could be an integrated payment solution too!
@icen814 Definitely will be
upvoted first, explore later.