Really Long Tweets

Hack Twitter's 140 char limit. Disguise tweets as links.

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This doesn't actually make sense though, since links always counted for 23-25 characters. So while this tools is cool, in that it makes custom URLs as long as you like, it actually works right now exactly the same way it will work when Twitter makes the change, as URLs, no matter how long they are right now, are capped at 23-25 characters.
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@nivo0o0 yeah, the one wrinkle is if Twitter allows for longer links to be posted and fully seen in tweets to complement the new rules. Not sure this is going to happen, but I thought it would be amusing to imagine what could happen if it did.
@_maxdeutsch @nivo0o0 Solution: chunk long tweets as multiple 23-25 character links :) ...?
@nivo0o0 Exactly, not sure why anyone would think differently. Its just a nice way for Twitter to give us back 23-25 extra characters to write stuff like: LOL or #keytosuccess or #GIFs4LYF
@matt_sven @nivo0o0 this was my first thought. but the end result wasn't as pretty (of course, it may be the only thing that ends up working, so...)
@nivo0o0 will see how it works
Alternative Name: "Medium" 😝
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Twitter announced that it will no longer count links in its 140-character limit ( Therefore, if you disguise your Tweets as links, you can write Really Long Tweets. With this in mind, I had a little fun and quickly put together a simple web app to do just that. Let me know what you think! BTW: Although this change to Twitter has been reported on, the update hasn't yet been released. This means your "Really Long Tweets" won't work yet. But soon... maybe
Ha! Nice hack, @_maxdeutsch. You've now ruined Twitter. 😜
@rrhoover Hopefully not! I'm not even sure this will work after the update. I just thought the idea was too good not to share...
Really long tweets. lol.
@nivo0o0 Love it!