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For most brands, SMS is a brand new channel. We surveyed 1K merchants & they resoundingly said, “understanding what *good SMS* looks like” is a huge challenge.
We weren’t surprised. So, we built a mega resource of SMS marketing examples done right.
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SMS (all messaging channels really) is such a strange marketing channel. It works so much better than email, web, apps etc - yet it always gets so little attention and focus. I've been thinking about this problem for a decade, "Why isn't SMS bigger than email?" I respect the work done by Postscript (and Tatango). I think there is a small learning curve at the beginning of launching the channel and that keeps a lot of organizations away. I built a site to help with best practices for messaging campaigns, especially at launch. Hoping all of these educational sites help more organizations launch messaging campaigns.
Hey Everyone! So here's the scoop. At Postscript , we are focused on building the best SMS platform for ecommerce. Thousands of brands use us to send texts to their customers for things like abandoned carts, new product drops, tracking links, and customer support conversations. We think SMS is going to be *the* marketing channel of the next decade. But here's the thing... we really don't want to ruin text messaging! It's such a personal channel, and today, >90% of texts sent are pretty bad... they're not targeted, have spammy creative... and are just plain annoying. Less is more with SMS, and educating the market to that is core to our mission and what we do. So, we surveyed over 1,000 merchants and kept hearing how they weren't sure "what good SMS looks like"... so we built Really Good Texts! It's a mega repository of great SMS examples, sortable by industry and use case. We hope it helps marketers and brands across ecommerce send better, more relevant texts. TEAM: Alicia Thomas quarterbacked RGT from the Postscript side. It wouldn't exist without her. We also worked with Daniel Brokstad on the creative direction and design. He's amazing and we highly recommend him. He helped bring a DTC sensibility to Really Good Texts, which was important to us, as we wanted this to relate to our customers vs being a reflection of Postscript (B2B saas) when it came to design sensibility. Would love to answer any questions! And shoutout to the OG - Really Good Emails!
I thought I saw this somewhere, looks identical to what Tatango did not too long ago
@cristina_rowe We like Tatango & the team very much! When they launched sms archives, really good texts was already in development :) Great minds think alike! What I'd call out as the core difference is that Really Good Texts (and Postscript) are exclusively focused on ecommerce brands and ecommerce SMS. Tatango & SMS Archives are much broader representations across industries.
Looks cool.. All D best..
That's a very nice text you got there. How can I use it?