Improve your real life reputation.

RealContacts is the first mobile app to use Artificial Intelligence to improve social skills in real life relationships with users' personal and professional networks. Real Contacts bridges a gap between merely connecting on social networks and creating meaningful real life interactions.

RealContacts is a mobile App that helps to enhance our social skills and improve our reputation. Unlike social networks that allow us only to connect with other people and share content, RealContacts improves our personal or professional relationships with the connections we have made in our real life or in our social networks. We would love to hear your thoughts!
So what does this do that Linkedin doesn't? The skills endorsements on Linkedin are a feature and IMO I'm not sure how people feel about it. I never endorse anyone (but I don't really use Linkedin either). Seems that this has a few features that Linkedin does, so whats your big differentiator ?
@bentossell RealContacts is an app for cultivating and improving real-life relationships while LinkedIn is about on-line connections. This is a different perspective that brings many differences: in RealContacts users can evaluate what they got from a single meeting with a contact. That evaluation is private, but all the meeting evaluations with the same contact build up a relationship evaluation that can be shared anonymously with the contact. This is not a public endorsement which has frankly very little value. In RealContacts users can see how they are perceived by the people they interact with in real life, they can build trusted circles and cultivate their valuable relationships, and much more
@mauriziotripi if this is a real-life relationship improvement.... shouldn't the feedback be in real life and not through an app. It seems that this app is then there as a block from doing it face to face. Why couldn't I just email X after the meeting and say 'great job on the presentation but you talked too fast' (if I was scared of doing it face to face), otherwise I'd just say it to their face surely? Having the app is almost a way to secretly give them a rating but its not anonymous so the reviews will be biased too (to avoid social awkwardness & conflict)
@bentossell the key is in the sentence "in RealContacts users can evaluate what they got from a single meeting with a contact". Judging a person is not going to improve the relationship with him or her. While understanding the value of meeting that person and being sure that that person will see the value they are sharing with their circles is extremely valuable. Moreover, most people are very polite and don’t share what they really think in public. With RealContacts we can finally know how people perceive us so we can actively improve our reputation.
@mauriziotripi yeah but like I said. 1. Couldn't I just email them to say my opinion if I were too scared to do it face to face? 2. As you said people tend to be polite so as this app is not anonymous then the same issue and mindset would be taken while evaluating the person surely?
@bentossell 1. Sure you can email and tell them whatever you want :) but your judgement will never be part of their reputation, you will be 1 out of a million and they could not accept an isolated critique. When the reputation emerges from a multitude of unbiased anonymous evaluations, it is going to trigger the change. 2. in RealContacts evaluations are shared anonymously, even though you can choose to selectively publish them with your name. There is also a mutual consent mechanism to authorize people to share their evaluations with you and vice versa. Most importantly, in RealContacts evaluations are not about your contacts but about the value of the meetings you have with them. This is a subtle but crucial difference when learning how to improve our social skills.