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A modern, all-in-one loan management system designed specifically for $3B commercial real estate lending industry

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I want to introduce you all to RealAtom, the nation's first end-to-end platform for commercial real estate loans powered by algorithms, best in breed user experience and years of industry knowledge. We are modernizing relationship-driven market pairing the industry’s top talents with technology to make the search for and closing of commercial loans experience intelligent and seamless. Guess what? We’ve discovered that one of the largest financial markets in the US ($3 trillion in CRE loans outstanding) is operating in the same stone age where Advertising or Travel industries were before Google, Facebook and Expedia. Zero transparency, zero efficiency as a result hundreds of millions left on the table. You will say, who cares, if those ultra rich CRE developers can save a few millions because of our tech. We do, for 3 main reasons. First, we all get to invest in real estate at some point in life (if you have not looked at investing into that 6 units multifamily yet, we highly recommend:). Second, those saved millions get reinvested into local economies, benefiting poor neighborhoods as well as rich. Last, we hate waste and we know that if not RealAtom, someone else will modernize this huge market and create benefits for local economies because this is what happens when a major financial market gains efficiency. We believe that NOW is the time to reimagine how commercial real estate debt market operates. RealAtom technology has ushered an era of transparency and full access to data in CRE finance, making the market efficient and less costly for all players, big and small. This is why we’ve taken on the challenge of building a full stack commercial real estate platform for loans. It’s a whole new experience that our users love. You might not know commercial real estate finance, but you know good tech when you see it. Take a look at ours, we would love to hear what you think.
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Solid leadership and vision to fill void and build market leading platform.


Great strategy to facilitate loan origination


They are still young and growing. Will build out additional lenders and features over time.

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Jeff, we appreciate you review!

Look forward to watching this platform grow


Lower transactions costs + greater access to deals + high quality platform


Will take necessary time to acquire adopters. But that is simply marketing, branding. The cost benefit is easy to understand.

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Nick, thank you for recognizing the power of RealAtom. We will grow more for sure!
I just posted my first loan request a week ago and already have 5 offers from interested lenders. So far so good. I really love that I can be efficient in how I manage my lender pipeline. I am hoping we close soon
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@wiester I am confident that the lenders on the platform can bring you the best terms. Please let me know if I can be of assistance.
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Just getting started but looks incredible. We're hoping to solve our commercial lending attrition problem. Love the platform and easy to understand dashboard.
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@ijustinhill Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it. We are always happy to take in feature requests too. So if there is anything we can do to make the experience even better please let us know.
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