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We chat with Bill Sewell, co-founder of Wiredrive, about the current challenges facing VR content creators’ workflows. Wiredrive is an established company specializing in securely enabling creative professionals and content producers to organize and deliver video and other rich media for in-production, sales, and promotional purposes. They are now turning to the VR/AR creative community to help with the current fragmentation in the 360 video hosting and sharing process - http://www.wiredrive.com/ Join us: http://www.realvirtualshow.com or sign up for our newsletter here: http://bit.ly/VRupdates The Real Virtual Show is a talk show focused on all things mixed reality. We have epic conversations with leaders in the exciting virtual and augmented reality space. Catch us on iTunes: http://bit.ly/RVSiTunes or stream on Google Play Music http://bit.ly/RVSGoogle or any podcast directory: http://bit.ly/RVSrssfeed Where real people talk about virtual and augmented reality #RealVirtual