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really interesting idea, but i feel like it's hard to build a community with broad of a focus in terms of problems. it might be helpful to start with problems in a specific industry? curious - why can't i comment on the different problems? it'd be good to have some commentary there. cc @raybatra as we've discussed something like this before.
@raybatra @eriktorenberg I remember talking to @rrhoover early on about how "Product Hunt" sounded like I would submit a problem I have, and people (or a search engine) would "Hunt" for products I should check out. Then I realized I actually really want that sometimes :) +1 on sub-categories to connect people with similar interests more readily. It would also be neat if these read more like outright futurism manifestos on how the world should be. I could get into that. SolutionHunt? (Sadly, is taken)
@raybatra Hi Eric! Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you. Maybe adding categories and tags would solve the issue? And regarding commenting, it uses Disqus, you can leave a comment under the single page view of a problem or a solution. Maybe I misunderstood your question?
+1 for @eriktorenberg's suggestion to focus on a specific category (or more importantly, community of people). @staringispolite have chatted about an "Ask Product Hunt" which would basically be a reverse of what we have today. We might do something like that and in fact, there's an experiment in this area I want to do soon, inspired by @msg. 😄
@eriktorenberg @staringispolite @msg @rrhoover Thanks for the feedback Ryan. We're getting lots of suggestions like that. We'll improve the site by splitting it into different categories or at least first focus in a specific community of people. Cheers! /cc @chik_chik12
We're having a hard time thinking of what startup idea to build. We haven't found a website that we can use to find problems to solve so we can think of a great startup idea, validate if the problem we have in mind is really experienced with other people, check if the problem is already solved by other apps out there and if people are already happy with the existing solutions. Real Problem Hunt is a curation of problems. Basically, its a website that helps you think of what startup idea to build by listing problems that people are experiencing. Other use cases: Post the problem you want to solve so you can validate if the problem you have in mind is really experienced by a lot of people (users can upvote, post existing solutions and leave a comment on the problem). Check if there's still a chance for you to compete with the existing solutions (if there are any) for a specific problem (users can upvote and leave feedback about the posted solutions). Or just post problems that you are encountering so other people will solve it for you. This will really help makers to build something useful. We're still at a very early stage. We really need feedback and suggestions so we can improve the site. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. Hope you guys will find the site useful! :)
Hi Rahul! Thanks for posting this here :) @all - Sorry, really need to sleep now. It's now 3am here. I'll be posting details about why did I built the site, future goals etc... later. In the meantime, kindly leave a feedback since we really need it. I'll respond later as soon as I wake up. Cheers!
Thumbs up! -E-v-e-n—i-f- Especially if it's meant as a satire of today's startups that like to solve nonexisting problems.
Isn't this better suited towards a Q&A? In other words, what does this do that SE and Quora don't already do?