A toolkit to build accessible web apps with React

#2 Product of the DayMay 17, 2019
Reakit is UI toolkit for building accessible rich web applications with React.
It exposes components like Dialog, Menu, Tab, Tooltip, Toolbar and others following the WAI-ARIA standards, providing aria attributes and keyboard interactions out of the box.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
A year ago I left my job to dedicate myself to this open source project. It was a risky decision, but what happened during this time was really rewarding. That's why I'm really thrilled to launch Reakit v1.0.0 🥳 I can say for sure that this is the best project I’ve ever made in my 17 years of programming. And I hope it'll help many companies ship accessible web apps with ease. ♿️
@sturusell I'm 29 😊
@diegohaz I appreciate all of your hard work on this project! Really excited to see you get V1 launched. Absolutely great work! 🎉
Been using Reakit v0 ever since @diegohaz published Which is well worth a read - great concepts on structuring your React components. Great approach to creating interactive components and styling them. You'll love it even more if like me, you hate the gargantuan CSS UI libraries like Semantic/Bootstrap that do waaaay too much. Pair this with Emotion/styled components and you're good to go.
@matthew_pate Thank you for the kind words Matt. I love creating stuff for people, and I'm really glad to help others do the same.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for Reakit!


Reakit is all about composing accessible components. It helps me bake in accessibility into my client's projects.


I haven't seen a better alternative for this space.

This is really exciting to see! I am a Product Designer looking to expand my skills. I'm in the process of building my v1 for my first project using React. I am excited to see how this works in my workflow. As a React beginner, I like how everything is present!

I've been following this project for a while and I'm excited to see it continue to grow!


I like that Reakit gives you foundational building blocks to build accessible web applications.


One con could be that it's more low-level, but this is also beneficial in my opinion, as it allows you to have more control over animations.