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Readymag is an online design tool that helps creative professionals easily build microsites, portfolios, presentations, digital magazines and more.
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Hi everyone and thank you for the meaningful feedback! Regarding Readymag there is some kind of duality: we definitely aim to create an easy-to-use tool, which will enable the biggest possible number of people to produce and publish their publications. On the other hand, being a designer myself, I know how crucial is to have a flexible tool when you are going to create something from a scratch. So we're looking for the right balance, and I totally agree with Tyler that templates could be a breakthrough here. In fact, we already have a number of templates for photo stories, magazines, etc in our mag builder (you can find them under + button) and we are going to continually add more. Another important thing for us, as I see it, is to create an ecosystem and enable publishers to make money from their mags — through advertising or by selling mags to readers. It's also the place where publishers can build an audience around their content and where readers can subscribe/collect/share mags. So that's the short version of our roadmap for this year.
I played with ReadyMag a while back -- beautiful product but time-consuming to create.
Indesign for the web. By far the easiest for designer to understand
Hello! I’m Diana Kasay, one of the co-founders of Readymag and its CEO since 2016. The last time we posted on Product Hunt was six years ago. Back then, the tool was mostly used by digital publishers to produce online magazines. Today, Readymag is used to create conventional websites, longreads, multimedia editorials, portfolios, and presentations. We’re happy to see the number of cool projects growing exponentially from month to month—the best are regularly highlighted in our Explore gallery. Our customer base has also grown, with a variety of prominent users including Stella McCartney, IDEO, Miro, Buro 24/7, Forbes, and Harbour Space. Readymag’s key goal is to make the design workflow easy and flexible, allowing users to focus on the creative process. We give freedom: in Readymag, you aren’t limited by templates. That means you have full control over project layout. Work begins with a blank page: users add text, images, shapes, slideshows, and video, then arrange content for the desktop and mobile version of the project using a grid. The tool is well-suited for independent designers and big studios, allowing the integration of custom code, joint work with invited collaborators, password protection for projects and PDF export. Users view animation as one of our key features, so over the years we’ve expanded the number of built-in animation options. Almost every type of content can be animated in Readymag. That’s why more and more media companies have switched over: we enable them to create beautiful digital editorials unaided by developers. We are typography-conscious: Readymag’s font library includes 1,500 typefaces from Typekit, Webtype, TypeToday, and Google. Users can adjust every possible font parameter and upload their own custom fonts. We offer a vast creative arsenal, more than 180,000 images from Unsplash and 100,000 icons from The Noun Project are integrated into Readymag. Most pictures or icons you might need are probably already in the collection. We develop the tool permanently. You can find more about new upgrades and changes in our Product Updates page: I’m curious to hear your feedback and see your projects.
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Not only it's beautiful, but they are currently throwing an interesting offer campaign that ends tomorrow!