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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2014
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Hi everyone and thank you for the meaningful feedback! Regarding Readymag there is some kind of duality: we definitely aim to create an easy-to-use tool, which will enable the biggest possible number of people to produce and publish their publications. On the other hand, being a designer myself, I know how crucial is to have a flexible tool when you are going to create something from a scratch. So we're looking for the right balance, and I totally agree with Tyler that templates could be a breakthrough here. In fact, we already have a number of templates for photo stories, magazines, etc in our mag builder (you can find them under + button) and we are going to continually add more. Another important thing for us, as I see it, is to create an ecosystem and enable publishers to make money from their mags — through advertising or by selling mags to readers. It's also the place where publishers can build an audience around their content and where readers can subscribe/collect/share mags. So that's the short version of our roadmap for this year.
I played with ReadyMag a while back -- beautiful product but time-consuming to create.
Not only it's beautiful, but they are currently throwing an interesting offer campaign that ends tomorrow!
Yeah, it's not for everybody, but I could definitely see brands using this tool to publish a monthly magazine of brand related content. Maybe we could bring up somebody from ReadyMag to talk about their product and how they foresee the future?
Reminds me of, which I posted a few weeks back. ReadyMag looks like they offer more creative control than Populr, which is both good and bad.