Ready Player Me

Personal 3D avatars for Mozilla Hubs

Create a personal 3D avatar from a single selfie for Mozilla Hubs in 5 seconds. Choose a photo, customize hair, add accessories and export to Mozilla Hubs in a click of a button.
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I'm digging the style of these avatars. Well done.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
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Hey Product Hunt, I am the CEO and co-founder of Wolf3D. We create personal 3D avatars of people for games and virtual worlds and work with some of the biggest gaming and VR companies on the planet. Like many others, COVID-19 forced our team to work remotely, which brought us to the market for new communication tools for the team. We found Mozilla Hubs and loved it, but the only avatars they had were robots, elves and other characters that were difficult to identify with. Being an avatar company, we couldn’t stop ourselves from solving the problem. Ready Player Me allows you to create a personal avatar for Mozilla Hubs in seconds. It’s still very much an MVP so your feedback is welcome! Keep your eyes out for more integrations in the near future and let us know if you are a dev and want to see those sweet avatars in your app as well. 👀 🐺 ❤️ 😸
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Super cool! Wolf3D seems to be the leader in the 3D avatar space, definitely the one to keep your 👀out for.
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Btw, here's our team pic!
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Maybe I should grow a beard 🤔
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