Track and improve your online reading habits.

Readup was built to improve the experience of reading articles and stories on the internet. The platform incentivizes deep, focused reading. On Readup, you can only comment on articles you have fully read, so conversations are interesting and insightful.
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Hey everyone! Jeff and I have been working on this idea for over two years. Our vision is to move the entire social media and news industries away from ads and distractions. We have some initial traction and would love your feedback!
Can you enable social log in?
@vaio_0819 Yup! Great idea. We're working on a few other social integrations with Twitter rn anyway.
Design of the main website could be improved. Small suggestion, increase the line height of the paragraph text on the main website. The app is about "reading" but the text on the main website is a bit challenging to read. :)
@eugene_tochilin On it! FYI: Our first hire will be someone with front-end design chops! Believe it or not, things looked wayyyy uglier even just a month ago. :P
I don't think the app is accurate. I read an article on Medium but the app is still showing 55% completion.
@eugene_tochilin - Oh no! Medium should *definitely* work. Did you actually read the entire article or just skim to the bottom? Can you send me an email with a link to the article in question? I'm
Love the concept, but you lost me at "resist the urge to skim" followed by 3 lengthy paragraphs of text :(
@christopher_lee4 lol NOOO! So is this whole endeavor totally doomed?
@wloundy Don't give up! I DO love the concept, e.g. "reads" on medium is bogus, and I think there's a good slice of people who want deep, engaging conversations of content they ACTUALLY read. On that note, I actually just launched a service where for $12 you can ask 100 random people a question, and then follow-up and interview them based on how they answered. You could ask "How often do you skim articles on the internet?" or "Would you pay for a service that tracks your reading over the internet and gives you actionable statistics you can use to improve?" Anyway if you try it out let me know, I'll give you the first question $12 in free credits cus I want to know where you go with it :) Best of luck, hope that helps.