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Hi all! This is my side project, while I work full-time at Assembly. I started RTT as a newsletter featuring one great piece of journalism each day, and it quickly grew to thousands of subscribers. I was getting submissions for stories every day, so I thought I should open up the community so anyone can submit and discuss stories. To me, one of the best parts so far is that we've had writers jump into discussions about their own stories – in a way similar to founders interacting with early adopters on PH. (example: If you care about great journalism and storytelling and want to find more of it, I invite you to join the community or subscribe to our daily newsletter. Also – here's a blog post with more about it:
@awwstn hmmm I remember another community that started out as a newsletter ;) that later turned into something pretty special.
@awwstn wow great job! Kinda curious but how did you get to the first 5000 users? Did you get featured on the major media publisher or did you just share it with your friends?
@choi_kl thanks! It was a mix of things – blogging on medium with things like this: was where most of the initial traction came from. After that, a lot of the growth has been organic – people receive the newsletter and then tweet about it and forward it, etc. But, it's been a lot of work and focus on sharing content that moves people. :)
This is awesome! Just signed up for the newsletter. Curious how many user/subscribers you have? :)
@ow Thanks! The newsletter has about 5000 subscribers, and has been growing quickly since I launched it in April. I slowly started rolling out this new sort of 'PH for journalism' idea to the subscribers over the past week or so, and now am opening it up more widely to see what happens. :)
@awwstn @ow Damn! Impressive growth! That's really cool -- I love the site, now amped to get the newsletter. Amazing size project.
Would love to get @awwstn to jump in here to discuss this new product launch!
It's very cool to see this here today. I've enjoyed the emails and followed for a while now. I actually got a community invite email and figured it was accidentally sent to all subscribers. I love the idea! The funny thing is that I thought I had initially subscribed as a result of a Product Hunt post. Regardless, I'm glad I did. It makes me happy when I've already shared an article that shows up in the email 😊