See how mainstream media reports the same topic differently

#5 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2019 is a website that showcases how major news publications report the same issues differently.
The language, media and tone used by a news publication can dramatically influence a reader's perception of a particular issue.
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Hey! I created this product because so many major news publications are leaning towards a particular political ideology and that is seeping into their reporting . I personally read my news from a variety of sources and was shocked to see the influencing difference in language used to cover the same issue time and time again. I built this product to give readers a more full view of a particular issue based on the headlines reported from major news sources. Thanks for checking it out!
And this is just the headlines... what would the content of the article say if it's further analyzed and compared against other sources? Could NLP help here?
@ediardo1 Wow you're right. I'm definitely going to look into seeing how that analysis can be done further.
@ediardo1 @zalmay_karimi you could use IBM's Watson to run sentiment analysis and whatnot on it, then highlight the different sentiments with different colours, and whatnot.
Really cool project here. I think this only make sense, as we are all more and more looking to divergents opinions to build up our minds. I really like the main page giving an easy swipe between headlines. Once you click on a headline card, I would see directly the full articles, all on a same page, and with some NLP you could probably highlight the major differences on what’s covered and in which direction.
Looks cool, are you planning on creating an app?
@ben_tavitian Definitely plan on it. The web app is an MVP that I hope to expand on. Thanks for the question!
Nice! Will there be an app?
@jimmycowe Yep! I'll keep going with the web app as a base-MVP and then move forward with an app. I think there's a lot of work to be done in the media-monitoring space and an app would be a more robust way to expand on this. Thanks for the question!