Turn your Kindle highlights into a knowledge base

Make the time reading on your Kindle worthwhile: save quotes, notes, and thoughts, forever. Build your own repository of knowledge and self-improvement ready to access anywhere, anytime.
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Hi everyone! I’m Joel, co-founder of Readsmart. As avid readers of non-fiction books using Kindle, we were very pissed about how Amazon manage all those valuable highlights and notes. People like to take notes for many reasons: learn valuable lessons from authors, write about a particular topic or just remember memorable quotes. This is an ancient practice, known as a commonplace book a place where you store anything that is valuable to you. Readsmart helps you to do just that, digitally. Here is how it works: Add your highlights: Sync your Kindle highlights using our browser extension or connect your device to import all your documents. Keep things organized: Browse, search and tag your content instantly. Discover interesting topics with Smart Organization (AI). Elevate your understanding: Revisit your highlights in your inbox every day. Combine disparate ideas writing about a particular book or subject. We focused mainly on Kindle because our main pain-point was there. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the product. Enjoy writing book summaries? Join the Readsmart community on Medium ( PS: We are giving away launch coupons for PH friends 💪

for academic users, citation is a must


works with kindle, no need to have my kindle handy all the time


doesn't have ADA citation features

Thanks for your review @lucas_massuh
Valuable addition. Price is too steep for me and I suspect for many others. Would be great to have more pricing options for various budgets or some kind of per use model.
@followflavius Thanks Flavius for trying out! We'll consider new approaches to pricing for sure!

Excellent idea and great execution! 👏


Easy to use!


I've using Readsmart for a few days and no cons so far.

Thanks for trying it @gmaxi_ !

I loved to see all my notes organized. Easy to use and intuitive. Easy to go back and find something valuable.


it's great to see all your highlights organized. I was surprised the first time i saw them. So many good things to refresh!


Reminding me about the great stuff that i could refresh.

Thanks for your review @castroramiro !