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Readory is striving to be the web's platform for written content.

We are a platform curated by readers and content creators alike to make sure quality written content (blog posts, ebooks, Ask.PH, IH Interviews, tutorials, forum discussions and more) are not underexposed or hidden behind major content platforms, and SEO giants.

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Hey Everyone, I want to start by giving a special thanks to @jakecrump for saving our PH Launch multiple times. As a sole founder and self-taught developer of two years, I have to give credit to @levelsio as a huge inspiration and recommend his book ‘Make’ to other founders. I built Readory with the aim of helping people find quality written content that’s available across the web that you often do not find because it’s not on the front page of Google Searches whilst simultaneously giving exposure back to the creators. Many content creators often have trouble with major platforms due to it’s control over monetisation, design, code amongst other things. Anyway, make sure you sign up and check out the interview page on the platform – it’s similar to Indie Hackers, where we interview successful content creators to get insight on how they got to where they are now and their tips/tricks on how to get started. I’ve got a number of exciting features like an awesome weekly newsletter planned in the pipeline over the next four weeks so stay tuned. Appreciate any feedback that you have! Cheers, Johnny
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To have a place where you can find such an assortment of content is brilliant. I am sure that there may be other's out there, but this one stands out based on it's design and ease of use. The articles are relevant, and with so many different areas there is a lot of scope for what kind of content you can find.

For someone who is becoming dependant on content professionally, this is the perfect place for me to find it as my professional outreach is vast and this allows for me to reach out to those areas. Not only that, but it gives those who have a voice a chance to share their work in a much simpler way. Excellent work to the Founders and Creators, you're helping make content relevant in a new and exciting way.


A great assortment of content, very easy to navigate technically and in design for those who may not find it easy to navigate content pages.



Wow, thanks alot Ben much appreciated! Hope you continue to enjoy using the platform.
I've been on a quest for a month or so to find a single place where I can read and store my written content. I got tired of getting my feed from google now, facebook, twitter, medium and having to open 4 different apps to find everything I should be reading. Laserlike promissed to solve that for me but so far I hasnt. I hope Readory can provide that :) So far + /explore has been my best solution
@ferminrp I hope so too! Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if there are any features you think would help get it to the point where it can solve that problem

I really enjoy the concept and execution of Readory. I would love to see what the best people on the internet read, and how that informs how they think and create.


Everything you've written or read in one place


Few rendering issues in Firefox at the moment. Be great to have a faster way to submit articles I've read.

Thanks for the feedback Conrad, I'll look into the rendering issues right away! We have some exciting features coming up that should hopefully make it faster to submit articles your reading!
and who are "the best people on the internet"?
Does it like searcher as google?
@jerrypeterson2 Not too sure what you mean