ReadMe on Intercom

Let your users search your API docs from the Intercom widget

Cut down on support! Your users can search your docs from Intercom, and your support team will be able to insert articles into chats.

lyazidi anouar
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    المعطيات المتوفرة المتوفرة



    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته جميعا على مروركم الطيب

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Hey everyone! Intercom's new app marketplace is awesome... so we wanted to build a way to let your users search your API documentation right from the Intercom widget! It also makes it easy to insert articles and API endpoints into a support request, without having to leave Intercom.
Awesome addition to ReadMe! Love Intercom and I bet this will help a lot of developer centric companies.
So cool! Can’t wait to use the new integration.
Nice work, @gkoberger! This is really handy for self help and makes it even easier by reducing friction when searching the API docs. 👍
Nice I have to give that a try once we have our API set up, thank you!