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Readlax - Speed Reading Platform. Enjoy reading your favorite books and train speed reading skill at the same time. Readlax Chrome Extension has full integration with Scribd and Google Books, Kindle Cloud Reader.

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I love it, use for standard reading and for training speed reading. For training eyes I use speed, maybe, 50% - 70% bigger than standard comfortable reading speed. Very simple UI, it's easy to use. I like slider for change reading speed, you can setting up it for comfortable reading. Integration with Scribd and Google Books, Smashwords, Wattpad sites. How to use: - Install Readlax Chrome Extension - Go to Scribd ( or Google Books ( or Smashwords ( or Wattpad ( - Open the book you want to read, after that you'll see panel on the bottom of the site. - Click button "Start Reading" - Enjoy speed reading
@oleksandr_golovatyi This looks awesome! Is there a way I can use this with my Kindle Books?
@ben_mcnamara we are working on integration with kindle cloud reader site. It will be able for use on 1 month
@oleksandr_golovatyi thats awesome, are you London based?
@ben_mcnamara @aleksandrgolovatyi any update on kindle integration?
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