Skip click-gates & paywalls at Medium, NYT, Business Insider

Redium is a bookmarklet that let’s you skip click-gates and paywalls from leading online magazines and newspapers like the New York Times, Medium, Business Insider, Bloomberg and Towards Data Science.
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We should be paying for good, well-produced content, not trying to circumvent paywalls.
@thejacksonjd Agreed. This is like stealing someone's newspaper off their lawn.
@thejacksonjd Agree as well; I'd like to see PH implement some sort of ethical quality check before products get approved for the site feed. This shouldn't make the cut IMO.
@thejacksonjd @usmc_saluki @elainevydra actually this is like opening the article in an incognito window. Excecpt it takes a split second. What are the ethics behind opening an incognito window?
Against the web
Is against the law and you should pay for news
@rogeliketweety Hi, luckily it isn! Readium only uses publicly available information! Give it a try :D
Readium displays publicly available content in a quick and convenient way.
Wow! I use it every single day!