ReadIT 🔥

Never forget to read a link again

Pocket, Feedly, Twitter Bookmarks. These are some of the places where the links you wanted to "save for later" go to die.

ReadIT 🔥 puts a stop to this broken behavioural pattern by putting an ⏳expiration date on your links. This way, if you really care about reading something you'll make sure to find the time for it, or else it will 💨 disappear.

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Hey guys it's Alberto, the maker of ReadIT! 🖖 As many people do, I've been saving links for years now, every time waiting for that perfect moment in the future when I would've been able to read them, but every time I've ended up either forgetting about it or procrastination just took over. 😓 Therefore I decided to create an app that sort of blackmailed me 🔫. In fact, ReadIT will keep your links, but after 24 hours they will expire and be deleted. 😏 This way I now know that if I don't find a moment to read that stuff, it will disappear forever. 🙅 For some people it might seem like an overkill approach, but to a procrastinator like myself this app has been miraculous. 😍 Hope you'll find it as useful as I do, and feel free to ask me anything! I'm also open for suggestions about future features! Cheers, Albi
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