Reading Queue

A minimal and non-overwhelming read-it-later app

An opinionated take on what should be a simple, minimal, but efficient reading app, for people who declared Pocket/Instapaper bankruptcy.

It only shows the first article in your queue, forces you to decide whether to read or archive the pages you saved, one at a time, and encourages you to let go of the old articles you procrastinate reading.

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Seems like a really cool concept! Any chance we’ll get this on android?
Hi @anna_0x! There's no Android version planned at this time, mostly for time and cost reasons. Just to give you one feature example of something I'm currently working on: using iCloud to sync the list saved pages across multiple devices is offered to developers for free by Apple. If I were to support Android, I'd have to migrate to a pricier infrastructure.
I like the suggestion shared by @anna_0x - what about a PWA (this supports notifications in-app for Android) instead of a full-blown Android app @nckh_ (obviously at some point in time 😉)?
@angeloe Since a PWA cannot embed webviews, that would need to be a native Android app, which I'd also prefer for some UX-related reasons ;)
@angeloe @nckh_ hm, I didn't realize you have to pay for cross device sync on Android. Assumed it was free. Seems I wrote my review too soon by the way. Installed the app on my iPad and apparently it's not optimized. I get an iPhone sized screen instead of an actual iPad app. Definitely not a good reading experience there.
@angeloe @anna_0x Indeed I haven't optimized or even advertised it on iPad at the moment, because cross device sync isn't ready yet, and there are many UI and gesture changes required to make it comfortable to use on a tablet. As an iPad owner myself, trust me both features are high priority on my list 🙌
Does this have any 'read offline' feature? 😉 Would make the declutter experience unique.
@angeloe not yet, but the feature is definitely coming! :)
Awesome idea. Made my life easier. Allows me to read everything when it suits me.
@bengreenwood thanks a lot :) Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any feedback or suggestion.
Thanks a lot @htnawsaj! Here's the story of this app. As an avid reader of the web, I went through this phase many times: 1. Try a read-it-later app (Pocket/Instapaper/Safari/etc.) 2. Roughly manage to catch up and clear the list. 3. The growing list of articles starts to become overwhelming. 4. 1000 saved articles later, the list grows so big I’m scared to even open the app. 5. Start afresh with another app and a clean empty list. Repeat. And there was also this feature in Safari Reading List that I found very efficient. At the bottom of each page, Safari injects a direct link to the next page in the list. No need to go back up to the list, spend time picking something to read from an endless list of titles and minuscule thumbnails. Just give me the next page so that I quickly scan it, maybe remember why I save it, and if not, let me dismiss it and move on to the next page immediately. So I decided to build my own opinionated take on what should be a minimal read-it-later app that values my reading time, with the following principles. * There’s no list. Pages are arranged into a queue. * Opening the app shows directly the first page in the queue, and nothing else. * I should decide to read or archive page #1 before moving to page #2. Articles are less likely to be left forgotten in the queue because I review them all, one by one. * Edge-swiping left marks the current page as archived, and displays the next one, with no waiting time because it was preloaded in the background. * The current page can be snoozed (which puts it at the back of the queue) if I would rather read something else, but only up to 3 times. If I keep postponing reading it, it’s probably not worth my time. * The app nudges me if the page I’m reading was saved more than 30 days ago, encouraging me to let it go since apparently, my life did not depend on it. * Every page shows an estimated read time. * The whole list is measured in cumulative reading time, a metric more meaningful than the number of pages. This helps me realize I’m saving more than I can humanly read, and act on it by archiving pages I find not so interesting. * I can go nuclear and empty the queue to start afresh anytime. I named this app “Reading Queue”, it’s currently available on iPhone, and soon on iPad. The reader/readability mode, and browser extensions for desktop browsers, will ship early this year. I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions from people who lost hope on traditional read-it-later apps :) Thanks!
@nckh_ nice idea ,waiting for browser extension.
Hi @htnawsaj! Just to let you know browser extensions are now available. Please check the website at Cheers!
Love this app on iphone. would be great to also have this as a google chrome desktop extension, too!