Reading Bee v0.1

Discover the top 10 books that are trending on Twitter

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★ Karan Goel ☂
Engineer @ Google
tldr: I'm going to add new kickass features fast if there's enough interest. To show your interest, please lease your email here. Hello people of Huntmania I love reading book. But it was hard finding new interesting books to read (no yeah my to-read list if backlogged). So, I thought, why not see what books the world is talking about. And so this past Monday, I locked myself in my room and made Reading Bee [1]. Currently, Reading Bee tracks top books from all across Twitter. In the future, if there's enough interest, I can make it so it tracks top books within YOUR network (think Nuzzel but for books). This is powerful, because then you are getting book recommendations curated by hundreds of people you follow. To show your interest, please lease your email here. I swear I won't spam you. If we reach a certain number of emails, I will work on the personalization feature. In the meantime, don't stop reading. [1] Working name
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
I'm always curious to check out your projects, @karangoel. @nbashaw might find this interesting.