An E-Commerce resource curation website.

Readefind is an E-Commerce resource curation website.

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Google has an answer for all your queries but it has too many answers. A friend of mine wanted to start off with an online store. It took me so long to fish out all the reliable resources, so I kept all of them bookmarked. I thought it would be useful for at least a few others too, who are trying to do the same things. Now, I have made my very first website, a curation of all the new and interesting E-Commerce resources that I discovered to save the time of at least a few. It’s just a few resources that I felt would be helpful. It may not be perfect but it sure is helpful for beginners because it did work out for me. All suggestions are accepted and also please do let me know if there are any more resources that can be added in here.
@richp_ I can't thank you enough for your help, Rich.