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Hey Product Hunt! I'm the developer of Readder for Reddit. Readder is a new modern client for Reddit offering over 5 different viewing layouts, 3D touch support, swiping actions, Chromecast integration, iOS today widget and more. All advanced features are free. Logging in requires a one-time in-app purchase. I'd like to offer some promo codes for Product Hunters: 6WXXET4Y3HMK, FRNR6XA67E4J, MPRHRR94FXRR, TJRMXA7XHARK, WJK4LRX4PW79. They're redeemed like any promo code through the iOS App Store. Readder is available for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.
@readderapp Product Hunt doesn't allow company accounts to be the maker of a product. Join on your personal twitter account and you'll be added as a maker :)
@readderapp Downloaded the app and used it all day. Very clean interface. It's just hard to move away from narwhal and antenna. Just FYI, all the codes have been claimed
@parwinder Thanks. Please let me know if you have any feedback.
I discovered Readder about a week or so ago over on Reddit. After about 10 mins with it, I was 100% sold. It was sleek, clean, fast and thank god offered landscape mode for my 7 Plus. I've tried all the heavy hitters. Used many of them for large chunks of time. Hope to stay with Readder for the future. And updates come FAST! Cheers. Keep up the great work.
@wilparker82 Is it better than Antenna? I have tried many Reddit apps and always go back to Antenna due to its feature implementation, speed and straight forward UI.
@imran_hussain1 I think it all boils down to personal experience. My preffered was actually Antenna as well. I'd prefer Narwah over Antenna, but I just can't get past the ugly Narwal app icon, lol. Readder seems to accomplish nearly everything that I look for in a given Reddit experience. But, we all look for and appreciate different features. Thankfully, 3rd party clients are still a thing and we have that ability, CHOICE. Plus, it's nice to support a dev that updates super quickly and communicates.
I've been an Antenna (previously AMRC) user for as long as I remember. The screenshots look promising though, I'll give this a try. I'm also very curious about the Apple TV app, which I'll try later this evening. First Reddit app I've seen to feature an Apple TV app.
Considering how much of a cesspool the default Reddit can be, there isn't really a chance for a genuine test of this app if I have to pay for premium before I can add my account.
Still looking for a Reddit client with a great search experience. Don't see anything here, unfortunately.
@liamboogar Scroll to the top to reveal the search bar that lets you search a specific subreddit, multireddit or all of Reddit. You can tweak your search to set the time period and sorting of results. Also, bring down the feed selector to search for subreddits with the help of autocompleted suggestions.