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Hi Product Hunt, Every day I'm discovering loads of awesome articles. More than I can read, in fact. So, at best, I end up with a gazillion of saved content in Pocket… that I, again, never find time to read. So I thought, it'd be great to have all that content in a pleasant podcast format. I tried out using latest text-to-speech synthesis from Google and Amazon, but was still unhappy about the quality. So I thought, why not hire professional voice actors to narrate that content?! So, that's what I did :) Subscribe, we'll send you a podcast feed link, that you'll be able to add in your fav podcasting app. We'll be narrating top content from Hacker News and updating your personal podcast feed. In future, you'll be able to submit any article or a white paper for us to narrate and make it available for you to listen, while you are on the go. Please let me know what do you think! PS. Thanks, @andreyazimov for hunting us! 😘🚀
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By the way, on of our first podcasts is the original Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, if you still have not found time to read it — probably it'll be easier to find time to listen to it here Alternatively, just enter your email on the landing page and we'll send you a podcast link. Enjoy!
@ksaitor @andreyazimov can you narrate product hunt?
@ksaitor man, I still miss Umano (acquired by Dropbox) (Umano: Interesting articles read to you by real people via @ProductHunt Nice to see this idea tried again, and to see an attempt at a business model out the gate (pay to listen). How will you get traction? And, if you content that I wrote, do I get paid? Otherwise, wouldn't that be there of content or copyright violation?
@chrismessina @ksaitor cc'ing my friend and former CEO of Umano, @ianmendiola 🙃
Thanks, @chrismessina! We are still trying to figure our a right model. Currently thinking what niche to focus on. Hacker News posts? Crypto white papers? Financial news? Something else? Would love your thoughts. Regarding copyrights — I've talked to 3 lawyers so far. Ofc they are painting a grim picture (that's their job, after all). I see a few ways to make this work legally, primarily via rev-share deals and by finding a niche content where copyright owners are not big/major content houses. Another option would be to make original content producers pay for narrating and distributing this "derivative" audio content. At the current scale, this is not a very actionable approach, imho
Congrats @ksaitor on the launch of a really great solution! I'm in love with this idea and signed up. Have you thought about having a cool female voice option? wink wink
@casielane Thanks Casie! Thanks for your support and sharing <3 We actually did think about that. And we actually do have a female voice actor on board. You can check her voice on our corporate landing page: What do you think about her voice? P.S. At scale, we'd love to offer each piece of content in both, male and female voice, but at where we are at — it'll be a bit expensive. What are your thoughts on finding an early adopted market? How's want to use similar services and pay for them?
@ksaitor OMG! She is soooo awesome! thoughts on early adopted market... don't go for the whole big sha-bang. But do you mean for early adopted market as the businesses who use your service or listeners to the main podcast?
Great job! I had a same problem. Subscribed and listen 📱 🎵
Congrats! Looks super neat. Really into audible and podcasts now. Going to use it and let you know on my feedback.
Nice! Congrats @ksaitor on the launch. Looking forward to hearing all the great articles in *not* robotic voice.