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READBUG is a curated reading experience bringing you independent, classic, cult and award-winning magazines from around the world for a monthly membership. Available and optimised for your iOS device, a membership to READBUG is an adventure into the world of independent publishing. We founded READBUG because we wanted to bring together the most original, inspirational and innovative content from the independent magazine community, and deliver it to a worldwide digital audience. READBUG is about interesting stories and inspirational content - we don't rehash the news. We handpick the magazines that are featured on our app so users discover great new titles and can share articles digitally. The content is fully optimised and responsive to your screen and the library of magazines is growing daily. We also feature an Article Stream that adapts to your personal tastes, pushing you the content we think you'd like the most. We are looking for feedback and opinions from the Product Hunt community so we can improve the user experience, grow awareness of the product and find interesting partners.
Hey guys, here's an exclusive promo, we're really keen to get your thoughts on the app. 30 day free trial as standard, then 50% off for a year after the trial expires... Use the code: GOODHUNTING (redeemable through the website only) Look forward to your feedback :-)
First impression - all my favourite mags together. Really well designed and fast.