Listen to your long reads

Readaway lets you listen to your long reads - easier for commuting, walking or while doing any other tasks!

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Useful! Your planing to release it on Android too?
@jensger not planned yet but will definitely keep in mind for the future.
Hello Community, We have created a simple to use product to help you consume long articles on the internet when you don't have the time for it. This product will be useful to you if you are any of the below: 1. A busy professional, 2. A parent 3. A lazy reader 4. Someone who likes podcasts 5. Someone who wants to rest their eyes We designed this app to serve as a repository for all your articles while also giving you the ability to listen to them. Readaway integrates with your Safari browser and lets you share the Reader Mode PDF with the app to convert into a natural human-like audio. We hope you like it. If there are any constructive comments, pros and cons, please let us know! Happy hunting!
@mihirr_panchaal first I just want to say that I truly get and appreciate the usefulness of an app like this and commend anyone helping to further innovate and more options in this space. I’m definitely going to give your product a try this week and will update my post here with any further feedback I have. I did a deep dive into this space last year to try and find something that would read all the long form articles I wanted to read but either didn’t have time and/or my eyes were to tried by the time I did. That search eventually lead me to download this app called Voice Dream which to this day has remained one of my favorite and most used apps on my phone. Is it perfect? No. But it was the best option available at the time of my research, so I’m excited to try out Readaway as a possible alternative. The one immediate thing that sticks out about your creation however is your pricing model. I personally would feel better about spending more once in an update free, plus other add ons I could perhaps buy later like additional voices, OR pay some sort of fixed yearly or monthly rate vs the per-word pricing model you’ve chosen. I’m still going to try it out, but that’s one thing I noticed right away that gave me some pause. Huge congratulations on making this and hope you didn’t find this feedback to be to critical, just wanted to give you some honest feedback from someone who is an avid user of these types of apps. Rooting for you!
@jadenyc that is some really great feedback. Thanks. I know the pricing model is probably the biggest issue and I am trying to solve it. Ultimately it boils down to the services I am calling which do charge a lot for this. Will be adding additional voices and languages. Already being planned. Also considering a sharing feature that will let users earn free pages when they share. Others can consume shared articles for free. What do you think about the last item?
What about Android and Mac? 😞
@anna_0x we will consider it. Thank you Anna!