Read Your Story

Very personalized printed children's storybooks

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Tyler Tate
@tylertate · Founder/CEO, Crema.co
This is a great idea, my 2-year old daughter would love it.
Hi looks great! Congrats on the launch. I'm curious how you handle the custom on-demand printing - which print service do you use for the books?
Simon Chapman
@simoncchapman · Founder. Need.ie
My kids love personalised books! Are you planning on more subjects / stories?
Jason Grad
@mrjasongrad · Founder, Bstow
This is awesome. What a great gift for my little cousins!
David Feng
@davidsfeng · Co-Founder at Reamaze
Great looking product! I've used Lostmyname before for personalized childrens books before. What are the main differences and advantages? Will check this out for Christmas :) @ericbahn