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Very personalized printed children's storybooks

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This is a great idea, my 2-year old daughter would love it.
@tylertate We'd love to make a book for her.
Hi looks great! Congrats on the launch. I'm curious how you handle the custom on-demand printing - which print service do you use for the books?
@mleonard Thanks very much! We're currently working with an on-demand printing partner called Ingram. There are additional vendors we are considering as well as we scale.
My kids love personalised books! Are you planning on more subjects / stories?
@simoncchapman I hope we get an opportunity to create a book for your children! And yes, we do plan on creating more books, each one with an educational bent.
@ericbahn I'm sure you will!
This is awesome. What a great gift for my little cousins!
@mrjasongrad Thanks Jason for your support!
Great looking product! I've used Lostmyname before for personalized childrens books before. What are the main differences and advantages? Will check this out for Christmas :) @ericbahn
@davidsfeng We're big fans of Lost My Name as well. Our books are different in that we use the actual face of your child as the protagonist character of our books. That way kids can enjoy seeing their name and face as the hero of their personalized book!