A compilation of books that influenced and shaped the top entrepreneurs, authors, investors, scientists, politicians, etc. Every single recommendation on the website has been verified and includes a quote and a source link to the recommendation.
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Hey there product lovers! 🤘 Thanks @chrismessina for the hunt! I’m excited to be launching Read This Twice here on Product Hunt! A few months ago I googled for book recommendations from Peter Thiel which got me a lot of websites/articles with lists of a dozens of recs from him. I wanted to make sure these were not random lists but books he actually did recommend, but most of the websites didn’t mention their sources. The ones that did, were mostly pointing to other lists without sources. Long story short, it took me way longer than it should to find a reliable source (his reddit AMA). Hence was born the idea 💡 to build Read This Twice. A website with verified book recommendations from people we look up to. I did the design/coding and hired a few friends who're adding new book recommendations daily. Every single recommendation on the website is verified and has a link to the source. We currently have more than 900 book recommendations from around 60 people and as I said, these numbers are growing daily. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make your experience better on the website 🙏. (Anyone you think we should add? any features you think we should have? any lists of books you’d like to see?) Thanks for your support Product Hunt community! ❤️ P. S. I’ve heard using a ton of emojis is the way to go these days. Am I doing alright? :P
Does it also take into account YCombinator or similar influential entities?
Good question @lilit_dallakyan. We're only taking recommendations from individuals at the moment, but we'll have YCombinator, nobel prize etc lists very soon.
Browsing your website made my reading list grow uncontrollably! and I love the UX - clean and functional.
Loving the clean design. Good luck with the launch!
I can see myself browsing this site for hours. Bookmarked on the toolbar.